We Protect

In our eyes, you are a client to be protected. Not a prospect to be stalked, a lead to be converted or a listing target to be closed.

The professions we admire, are those sworn to protect and serve – Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Fireman, Paramedics, Teachers, Police, The Armed Forces etc – Their’s is the type of culture we aspire to.

So first and foremost, we are here to protect you from fundamental mistakes and traps. The best protection is to avoid them in the first place. Unfortunately, many of them are laid by the traditional real estate industry. That’s why I wrote the book-“Secrets of the Result-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate”  A guide to protecting yourself from real estate greed and incompetence.

We Question

Questions are at the heart of professional consulting. Each and every one of you has unique circumstances, a unique property and different needs that deserve tailored solutions.

Just like a doctor must first question before they can diagnose and finally prescribe, we must also fully understand your situation before we can recommend your best course of action. So we seek first to understand your needs and goals. We believe that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. 

Secondly: We question the ‘status quo’, the way our industry traditionally works. We refuse to be dictated to by the establishment. Just because they’ve always done it that way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.  We believe in innovation, an improvement, in finding and developing better and more efficient ways for you, our clients.

We Advise

We believe you engage us to use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

What would we do if we were in your situation?

This points to the primary difference between a sales culture and a professional consultative one. A salespersons function is to persuade, convince, coax you into doing what enables them to reach their targets and get a commission. Their agenda is to influence your decisions in their favor.

As professionals, our agenda is to advise, recommend, coach and guide – empowering you to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

We Serve

Ultimately, without you to serve, we wouldn’t exist.

Once we fully understand your personal situation and have made recommendations as to your best course of action – if any – our role is to then act on your behalf. To follow through on your decisions and instructions to the best of our ability. To at all times serve in your interests.

We Innovate

We Create Value

We believe you engage us to put more in your pocket than you would have had without us.

Whether you need full-service sale of your home, assistance negotiating with a private buyer, or just some one-off professional advice, our job function is to act and advise in the most efficient way possible for you.

Being known to help you get more, is a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn and are passionate about keeping.

So if we genuinely can’t create value, then we will advise you so.

Are you still using the same inferior approach to buy or sell your home that has been used for decades?  Why, when you can be using our SUPERIOR approach to maximize results.

As a seller, we will help tell your story and that of your home.

As a buyer let us help create your story and your new home.

Either way, the results speak for themselves because we, as people, are driven by the story!

Find the source of someone’s frustration and “speak to them” in my message.  That’s what resonates and influences.

You just closed the sale of your house, now Imagine losing sleep because you can’t shake the feeling that you know you could have gotten more, damn, you left money on the table.

A short time later, after closing on your new house, you now realize that you are $40,000 over the budget between the purchase price and work to be done.  Two months later you see that your old neighbor sold their hose for almost $60,000 then you did.  Sound far-fetched?  I thought so until it happened to my grandmother.  That’s why I use a result-driven approach based on Warren Buffet’s principles.  Don’t let this happen to you using an archaic and antiquated approach to sell your home.

If you are like most of my clients…  You are busy and hate wasting your time.

—That’s why, unlike most real estate agents, we aren’t happy with putting a sign-up, taking some pictures, posting your house on the Internet, and then relying on price reductions until your house sells.

—Instead, we have spent an incredible amount of time researching how to get the maximum return on your investment.