10 Reasons to Join Out East Realty

From day one, at Out East Realty, we set out to be different. We understood that our success was entirely dependent on the success of our agents. That’s why we designed a model that aligned our interests with the agents’ interests. We take the full-service support model to the next level, giving our agents that much-needed edge against their competition, returning to them that work-life balance, and providing them comfort in properly representing their clients. Here are 10 ways we’ve set out to do just that:

  1. No monthly fees, no E&O fees, no transaction fees, no royalty fees, no fees whatsoever
    That’s right – no fees whatsoever! We get paid when you get paid ensuring our interests are aligned. We designed a simple split structure that rewards increased production without those hidden fees that are designed to deceive you. Don’t worry, just because we don’t charge you separately for E&O insurance, you’re still covered!
  2. Free transaction coordination
    Working with a transaction coordinator can be extremely valuable because they keep your files up-to-date and ensure you’re meeting your timelines. The only problem, hiring a transaction coordinator can take $400 to $500 out of your commission per transaction side. At Out East Realty, we have transaction coordinators on staff working with you on your transaction at no additional charge.
  3. Free contract preparation
    One of our most valuable offerings that nearly no company provides is free contract preparation. Under the direction of our Broker we will prepare every offer, listing, or other contracts you will need in your transaction. Chances are, you are going to quickly run into a scenario that you don’t know how to handle – maybe a lease option, probate sale, rent back, or some other unique situation. Since we have been preparing the contracts for all our agents for years, we have seen nearly everything. We make it our business to ensure each of your contracts are prepared properly, reducing you and your client’s liability and consequently enhancing your reputation.
  4. Free listing marketing
    We provide an industry-proven, turn-key marketing solution for any for sale listing you take. Don’t worry about hiring the right photographer, getting your brochures designed and ordered, syndicating to all the major sites both domestically and globally, creating a property website, or marketing on social media. We’ve got you covered, regardless of the price or size of the home, your home will be marketed effectively.
  5. More free marketing
    In addition to free listing marketing, the company provides you immediately with what you need to get out there. Business cards, listing presentations, and yard signs are all covered for you by the company.
  6. Major discounts on brand marketing activity
    Marketing yourself is key to a sustained career. We have a professionally staffed marketing department with an in-house print production facility dedicated to serving you. Our model allows us to strategize, design, and produce most marketing activity you will need at substantial discounts. We want your marketing and marketing effectively, that’s why we hired industry professionals and pass the savings on to you.
  7. Keep your brand
    We believe in leveraging the power of one consistent brand, but you may have put a lot of time and money into your personal brand. You and your brand are what your clients know, so we won’t get in the way of that. Our team will help integrate you into our processes and systems, making sure you don’t miss a beat.
  8. Free coaching, strategizing & mentoring
    There’s no silver bullet in selling real estate, but there are definitely ways to spin your wheels without the intended results. Our business development manager with 30+ years’ experience, together with our marketing and transaction strategists are just the right people to put you on the right track. At your request, we will help you develop business plans, provide you with the resources you need, and hold you accountable to your plan.
  9. Free training
    We believe the more knowledgeable you are as a real estate agent the more clients will trust you and use you to represent them. We offer a wide range of topics from sales to in-depth contracts training all with a focus on making you a well-respected and productive agent.
  10. The Culture
    Maintaining a culture where every agent feels valued, teamwork is key, and professionalism and integrity are paramount is our primary objective. Our agents are our brand and we are proud of the reputation they have built. Become a part of our team and find out exactly what it’s like to finally experience the full-service you were looking for.

For more information you may call the office or fill in the contact information below and someone will get back you, we look forward to speaking with you, talk soon.